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Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Just a quick post to let everyone who doesn’t already know that we have both safely arrived back home in Norway. We got on the scheduled flight on May 3rd and thirty-something hours we arrived at Gardermoen, Oslo.

The next day we were both at work and my “back to work”-reality started with a 13 hour day, excellent… Still, there’s really no reason to complain, we had a wonderful holiday and the best trip ever.


Monday, March 15th, 2010

AK: Turns out British Airways’ cabin personnel is going out on strike “between the 20. and the 22. of March” – Yeah, thanks for that… We were a bit worried for a while, especially when the replacement tickets we found were all going for about £250. Oh man. But today we got the news that our flight is being set up with another airline, so we should be okay. Phew! :-D



AK: Vi fikk beskjed i går om at kabinpersonalet i British Airways’ ville “tas ut i streik mellom 20. og 22. mars” – Jaddah, takk for det liksom… Vi ble en smule bekymret, spesielt etter billettene vi fant på alternative flights kostet rundt 2000-3000 kroner. Oh man. Men i dag kom beskjeden om at flighten vår settes opp med et annet flyselskap, så det ser ut som om det ordner seg. Puh! :-D